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Find business opportunity in Brazil

By Admin on 2016-10-11 14:44:33 posted in Market Analyze

Brazil, the largest country in Latin America, is a member of "BRIC" which is one of the biggest country of new emerging market. It is also the holding place of The World Cup in 2014 and Olympic Games in 2016. In the country that is full of opportunity and development, there is an enormous business opportunity hidden in Brazil. 

1.Why choose Brazil?

Brazil's scale economies ranks sixth of the world in 2012.

The tertiary industry takes over 60% of GDP with the economic structure close to the developed countries level.

Per capita GDP is $ 12,340 in 2012 while in 2014 the proportion of middle-class consumers are expected to up to 60% , showing the country's strong purchasing power.

As the host country of 2014 World Cup and the 2016 Olympic Games, Brazil is expected to have the commercial opportunity exceed one trillion U.S. dollars.

Brazil is the largest exporter in South American which means that enter Brazil is equivalent to entering into South America.

2.China - the largest trading partner of Brazil.

China is largest trading partner of Brazil. In 2012, the total bilateral trade reached $ 465.73 billion .

The minister of Brazil's Development, Industry and Foreign Trade said Brazil attaches importance to developing economic and trade exchanges with China and are willing to establish strategic trade relationship with China .

The Brazilian government said, they will make every effort to improve the investment environment and simplify investment procedures and processes , and strive to reduce the tax burden so as to provide a good investment environment for Chinese enterprises.

China mainly exports to Brazil for motors, electrical, electronic audio-visual equipment and spare parts, nuclear reactors, boilers, machinery and mechanical appliances and parts, optical photographic, medical and other equipment and their spare parts, vehicles and their spare parts, organic chemicals, iron and steel products, textiles and so on.

Statistics of the first three quarters of 2012 shows that, China 's imports of labor-intensive products have advantages in the Brazilian market. Furniture and toys accounted for 54.7 % of Brazil's total imports of such products while ceramics, glass (36.7%), leather products accounted for 70.3% .

3. How to enter the Brazilian market?

Brazilian import management system


Brazil is a member of the Southern Common Market (MERCOSUL), which is organized by Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay and Paraguay. The organization is in charge of the common external tariff of all products. The Brazilian tax which involved import includes tariffs, import duties, sales tax, industrial products tax, commodity services tax, social integration tax and so on.

Import license

Most of Brazil's imported goods must have import license which can be divided into" automatic import license" and " non-automatic import license."

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